Lagunitas Brewing Company Releases One Batch of Cannabis Terpene-Infused Beer

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Lagunitas Brewing Company has unveiled Supercritical IPA – a brew infused with cannabis terpenes from CannaCraft, the California-based producers of vape cartridges called AbsoluteXtracts, the Washington Post reports. The terpenes used are extracted from cannabis plants but the brew is not infused with THC or CBD.

Kial Long, vice president of marketing for AbsoluteXtracts, said the terpene blends were prepared “with the Lagunitas-style taste in mind” using a blend of “dozens” of terpenes. The mix of Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies was chosen by Lagunitas brewer Jeremy Marshall and is paired with six different types of hops to create the flavor.

Karen Hamilton, Lagunitas director of communications, indicated that the beer is tested in the brewery’s lab to ensure it does not contain THC and said in an email with the Post that “lots of people have had the beer, at this point, and NO ONE has experienced any psychotropic effects (to the dismay of some!)”

The brewery has produced just 120 kegs, or one batch, of the 6.8 percent alcohol by volume Supercritical, which were distributed only to California bars, primarily throughout San Francisco, although Hamilton said more “may be” released in the future “to other areas in the U.S.”


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