Kevin Sabet, the big anti-cannabis propagandist, gets put in his place by Senator Booker with logic. It’s perfect.

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Watch the men in suits get down and dirty with some impassioned debate on rescheduling cannabis.

Unlike highly entertaining roasts by Jon Stewart (like his recent one debasing Bill O’Reilly) that express the same sentiments, Senator Booker places his emphasis on the language of the law, specifically the distinction between Schedule 1 and 2 and the inaccuracy of cannabis’s position.

Kevin Sabet rest on the laurel that it’s a technicality: the ‘date rape drug’ exists in both Schedule 1 and 4 but goes by different names. Clearly, our drug schedule needs some serious rework.

Senator Booker, visibly charged, will not accept this, stating that if the distinction is so negligible, why resist change?

This is a great glimpse into the discussions currently being held that are dictating the progress of cannabis legalization in America. Check it out!

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