It’s Cannabis Vodka, But There’s A Twist! 1

It’s Cannabis Vodka, But There’s A Twist!

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Shotka is the newest craze in cannabis infused alcohol. But what’s the twist? This cannabis infused vodka has cannabis added purely for the strangeness of flavor, and not for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Go figure.. 

Distilled over 5,000 years of cannabis tradition

It’s Cannabis Vodka, But There’s A Twist!
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Shotka, made in Lithuania, is rumoured to be made in a distillery that is built on land that has a history of growing cannabis lasting over 5,000 years.

The drink is made containing a distillate of cannabis seeds, meaning that THC never actually makes it to the tincture. The distillate of seeds simply adds the taste of cannabis to the vodka. The tagline of the company reads “Take a shot and taste the legal strangeness.”

The legal strangeness

It’s Cannabis Vodka, But There’s A Twist!
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Well, this is a pretty strange product. It’s understandable how it might be marketable to the teenage party-goer, who perhaps dreams about showing up to the party with some ganja. But alcohol containing cannabis that doesn’t actually make you high?

The thing about this product is that the only reason it is marketable in Lithuania at all is because it contains no THC, and is therefore, legal. A risky marketing scheme for a company running in a country where marijuana is illegal.

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