Is It A Good Idea To Smoke Weed When Sick? 1

Is It A Good Idea To Smoke Weed When Sick?

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When it is wintertime, colds and flu viruses are running rampant around your work, school, and household. When you get sick and have to stay home, it is sometimes nice to take advantage of those days off with a little cannabis.

You probably know that if you have a chest cold, smoking irritates your symptoms, making the process of getting high painful. So, is it a good idea to smoke weed when sick? Well, it depends on how you go about it.

Chest Cold

Is It A Good Idea To Smoke Weed When Sick?

If you have an upper respiratory illness, smoking is probably not your best bet. You are already coughing up a lung just trying to breathe, and the hot smoke that you are trying to inhale is not going to help. If you must smoke, you could try using a bong with warm water. The warm water will make your hits less “shocking” to your lungs.

Another way to smoke when you have a chest cold is to use a vaporizer. The carcinogens in marijuana smoke, though less than cigarettes, will irritate your lungs. But vaporizers do a great job of removing a lot of the carcinogens giving you a smoother more potent hit. Try the Crafty Vape next time you come down with something.

Stuffy Nose

Is It A Good Idea To Smoke Weed When Sick?

If you have a stuffy nose, using marijuana could be a bad idea. Often times people experience an increased heart rate from smoking which could cause your already stuffed up nose to constrict even more. Of course some people say that smoking marijuana helps to “unstuff “their noses, so test it out—it could be your saving grace.

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Sore Throat

Is It A Good Idea To Smoke Weed When Sick?

Sore throats are the worst if you are a marijuana smoker. Sorry, no smoking tricks here, but don’t worry there are a variety of tinctures and edibles that you can try if you feel like getting high.

To wash down your edibles or to just soothe your throat, you might try making a tea with your leftover stems. It is a very simple process that even the sickest individuals can make. Just boil your stems and strain the water into a mug. You can also boil the stems with a mint tea bag or chamomile for some flavor and extra soothing for your throat.


Is It A Good Idea To Smoke Weed When Sick?
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Using marijuana when you are sick could be a good idea if you want to have a little natural help getting to bed. Consuming a little marijuana before you lay down will definitely speed the process, and make being sick a little more bearable.

The bottom line of using marijuana when you are sick is that it will affect each of us differently. Marijuana isn’t going to make you get better any faster, but it will certainly make the healing process easier to deal with. Smoking is the only form of marijuana use that you might try to avoid when sick. The smoke can actually make your sickness worse, so try to use some of the alternatives.

Do you use marijuana when you are sick? Let us know on social media.

Is It A Good Idea To Smoke Weed When Sick?

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