Is ending the War on Drugs the same as ending the War on Poverty? ‘Moving Beyond Legalization’ hits all the points!

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‘Weed Nation: Moving Beyond Legalization’ is a fantastic debate that brings up some compelling arguments both for and against cannabis legalization.

We are quick to get swept up in the blatant logic behind cannabis legalization — but what happens after?

Cannabis is commonly compared to alcohol, harnessing its regulatory framework as a model for developing cannabis policy.

But marijuana is markedly different — in fact you could say it’s contrary to alcohol. One is an upper, one is a downer; one increases aggression, one reduces aggression. This means that the future of America with a prevalent cannabis culture is hard to predict and heavily reliant on our imagination.

Watch this awesome debate that investigates the War on Drugs in America. One thing is for certain: legal or not, cannabis not going away anytime soon.

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