Indiana Excise Police Backtrack on CBD Confiscations

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Indiana State Excise Police will no longer confiscate CBD products so long as they fall under the federal definition of hemp with THC limits less than 0.3 percent, WTHR-13 reports. The decision comes after the agency confiscated thousands of dollars of CBD products from Fresh Thyme grocery stores and other retailers.

“After a review of the situation, the Indiana State Excise Police will not confiscate CBD oil products from stores unless the products clearly violate Indiana law,” said Excise Police public information officer Heather Lynch in a statement to WTHR. “We will continue monitoring this issue and remain prepared to take enforcement action whenever appropriate.”

Following the June raids by Excise Police, a spokesperson indicated that CBD was “not legal to sell or possess in Indiana” and the business owners were charged with possession of marijuana and possession of a counterfeit controlled substance. According to the report, the store has neither had its products returned nor been informed as to the status of the criminal citations; its legal counsel was made aware of the policy changes by the news outlet rather than the State Excise Police.

Fresh Thyme was able to obtain the products from a store in Kentucky and temporarily restock their shelves. They hope to be fully re-stocked by Friday or Monday.


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