I Love Growing Marijuana review 2020

I Love Growing Marijuana review

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I Love Growing Marijuana review 2020
Logo I Love Growing Marijuana

Name: I Love Growing Marijuana

Description: After 20+ years of growing in and around Amsterdam, Robert Bergman started his blog to start sharing his knowledge and experience. Today Robert services thousands of people daily with his guidance, seeds and community.

Price range: $10 - $30

Payment accepted: Credit Card

Currencies accepted: USD

Address: ILGM Zekeringstraat 41 D 1014 BV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Telephone: +1 (415) 906-0434

  • Reputation - 96%
  • Seeds - 90%
  • Service - 99%
  • Website - 93%
  • Payment - 95%
  • Shipping - 85%


I Love Growing Marijuana Review, Looking for a reliable place to buy your weed? Tired of the usual dealers that leave you with low-quality marijuana that doesn’t even get you high enough? Well then, you’re in luck.


  • Seeds are very high quality and guaranteed to germinate
  • Delivery is guaranteed or they will ship them again for free
  • FREE shipping to US, Canada and Western Europe
  • Shipped in discreet packaging
  • VIP program offers access to special strains, discounts, and other perks
  • Specially selected seeds and grow packs for beginners
  • Accepts Bitcoin, ensuring your purchase is anonymous and untraceable
  • Awesome video reviews of strains
  • Loads of free resources available directly from the website
  • Also ships to New Zealand and Australia
  • Awesome Forum on website to talk with fellow growers


  • $25 fee to ship to Australia
  • $25 fee if you want your shipment tracked
  • Not a huge selection of strains

I Love Growing Marijuana reviewILoveGrowingMarijuana (or ILGM for short) is one of preferred seed banks, and for quite a lot of reasons! ILGM offers superb customer service, a plethora of seeds to choose from, terrific sales and discounts, and an expansive collection of free online growing resources for brand-new and seasoned growers.

But, most importantly, their seed quality is top-notch (and is even backed through germination guarantee!). Here’s full ILoveGrowingMarijuana review, with everything you need to know before you place your order with this popular seed bank.

I Love Growing Marijuana review


Robert Bergman, the owner and founder of ILoveGrowingMarijuana, set off as a small-scale home-based grower, nurturing a crop of only 5 cannabis plants. Following his passion for growing weed, Bergman spent 25 years obsessively learning everything there is to comprehend it.

He took what he’d learned and in 2012 he founded his blog, ilovegrowingmarijuana.com, as a portal for cannabis growers to come together and share information. ILGM soon garnered a reputation as an expert growing resource, could they branched out into selling seeds (including their unique breeds).

Part of what’s made ILGM so successful is which don’t just sell you the seeds, they make sure that you also acquire as much expert growing knowledge as. A copy of ILGM’s in-depth growing guide is roofed with every order, and much more additional information skilled assistance to find on their site. To ensure you always end up with high-quality, useable cannabis for your money, It’s recommended to only buy from seed banks that be sure the quality of their seeds.

With a delivery guarantee and germination guarantee, you are covered every step of the way when you order from ILGM. Advertising still have questions about what makes this seed bank a trustworthy choice, keep on reading! We’ll help you get to know this manufacturer better with our full review of I Love Growing Marijuana.


As evidenced by the glowing ILGM reviews from their customers, seeds from ILoveGrowingMarijuana consistently yield excellent buds. I Love Growing Marijuana is so confident in the top-tier genetics of their seeds that they even offer a germination policy. In the unlikely event that you’ve followed the growing directions and your seeds just aren’t sprouting, ILGM will not only replace your seeds, but they’ll troubleshoot with you to ensure you get better results on your next try.

ILGM’s seed selection covers an impressive array of strains, products they get . easily shop their site based on the type of weed you want to develop. Search categories include indicas, sativas, medicinal weed, ultra-high THC content, and high CBD/low THC ratios. You can also shop based on your growing needs and priorities, such as yield, plant size, climate, and whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors. ILGM seeds include their private high-quality breeds, such as a famous Bergman’s Gold Leaf strain, which is available in feminized and autoflowering seedlings.

ILGM Feminized Cannabis Seeds

ILGM carries a large number of feminized cannabis seeds. Their best-selling feminized seeds include Bergman’s Gold Leaf, Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, Gorilla Glue by ILGM, and White Widow. If you prefer the challenge of growing from regular seeds (where male and feminine seeds may be present) and weeding out a mans plants yourself, ILGM does also carry a few regular strains, but these are recommended for advanced growers only.

ILGM Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are especially beginner-friendly and low-maintenance because they will grow year-round in just 10 weeks without light cycle management. The plants yielded from autoflowering seeds tend to be smaller, but they are much better to grow. If you are new to growing weed, ILGM’s staff are always happy to help you choose the right strain within your growing style and ability. White Widow, Blueberry, Gold Leaf, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies are ILGM’s best-selling autoflower strains. ILGM also carries two autoflower mix packs, so you can try out a few strains and find your new favorite.

Nutrients and other products

ILoveGrowingMarijuana also carries all for this fertilizers, nutrient boosters, and plant protectors (these keep bugs, mold, and bacteria at bay) you need to keep your cannabis crop healthy and thriving. You can buy any of these products separately, but they as well included (for a discounted price) in any of ILGM’s all-in-one grow kits. ILGM also carries its own organic 5% CBD oil.


In regard to to quality of seeds, very few brands can match up to one time. Simply because the care that goes into selecting every one of them. It is said that Bergman himself selects the seeds make certain that that the quality never falters.

With 25 many years of experience, he guarantees that anyone will be able to grow using their seeds. And if for example the seeds fail to germinate, you’re eligible for get your money back. No questions asked!
Even though short-term veneer can sound too good to be true, I can guarantee that they’re not making empty boasts. And based on my experience and other user reviews, ILGM takes their promises very seriously!

People who are looking for a large variety of strains is disappointed. And this is certainly my biggest complaint about I Love Growing Marijuana.
If you want to have a positive impression, don’t proceed with comparing their selection of strains to that of companies like Seedsman.

For most growers, however, the selection of 70 to 80 different associated with strains should be lots of. And you’ll find all the popular types such as Autoflowering, Feminized, Fast Flowering, and Regular.
If those are not enough, I suggest you look elsewhere.


Customer service is where ILGM gets everything spot on! And i say that after trying out customer support of many equally known brands.

I’d say the commitment of the staff that goes towards pleasing you’ll get is the company’s biggest strength. I’ve contacted them numerous times, asking doubts about seeds and strains and the’ve always been courteous and helpful.

If you’re a beginner, this aspect will particularly be appropriate. Their support is available 24/7 and you can even join their forum discussions to chat with other users and staff.

I would give ILGM’s customer support a perfect 99/100!


ILGM seeds tend to run between $12 $20 USD at full price, and even at full price, they are this money. But if you’re shopping on a budget, ILGM runs regular sales and they also offer bundled deals that assist you get these great seeds for even a lesser amount of.

Corporation has made it super easy to do transactions having a step-by-step guide for each payment type. Available choices are payment by credit card, bank deposit, check, cash, or Bitcoin. For those that want to stay completely anonymous, Bitcoin is the best choice.

And try to avoid get 10% off on every order paid through Bitcoin. Isn’t that amazing? I haven’t tried out cash payment yet, but so far, I’ve never experienced any problem using a charge card and Bitcoin.

I’d still advise to be able to evaluate all options before making a choice.

Payment Methods


Relate to pay for your ILGM seeds is with Bitcoin, since you’ll receive extra 10% off of one’s entire order, even sale prices, when you do. Regular bitcoin (not bitcoin-cash) is the only cryptocurrency currently accepted by ILGM.

Electronic Payment/Bank Transfer

ILGM also accepts payment by online bank transfer the email address, bill pay, ACH, or wire transfer directly from your loan merchant. If you are ordering from Europe, transferring payment from your bank account is the best non-bitcoin option. If you order from Australia, international bank transfer fees can assessed on transactions not given with cryptocurrency.

Cash or Check

You can pay for your ILGM seeds by check or cash if you would prefer. If you elect to pay with cash, you’ll receive detailed instructions with your order on how to mail the cash to ILGM. This payment method has a good track record, with zero reports of lost cash shipped to ILGM over the the year before.

Credit Card

If you do prefer to pay in addition to your credit card, you are welcome to try, although there is a chance that the credit card issuer may block the transaction due to ILGM’s relationship to cannabis. If you are living in the U.S, you can search calling your bank before making your purchase to let them know you are expecting an internationally transaction (without having to disclose what you are buying) and this may help. But to ensure the easiest and least stressful ordering experience, we recommend going with one of ILGM’s other accepted payment methods.

Shipping and reliability (85/100)

One of the biggest issues, when it comes buying marijuana seeds online, is shipping. Since laws regarding growing and involving marijuana vary from state to state, it’s common for shipments to get confiscated.

However, you build worry about something when you’re buying from this company as they take care of it all. ILGM’s shipping procedure is regarded as best in business and is certain to reach your to your house.

In case your order doesn’t make it for any reason, you’ll get the quonset hut is absolutely free. Right now, the company ships to the US, Western Europe, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Shipping is free if you are in Europe or the US, and also free in New zealand and Australia if place an order over $ one hundred and fifty. Otherwise, you have to pay $ 25 as shipping prices.

And if tracking the shipment vital to you, method to fee of $ 24 will take good care of it.

ILoveGrowingMarijuana Review – Conclusion

So, you may have guessed by now that many people is a big fan of Appreciate Growing Marijuana.

It’s actually hard to find someone that has something bad to say about them online.

They’re just the suitable combination of high seed quality, client service and reliability.

I’ve tried entire of seed banks over the many ILGM is one of my favourites.
What do all of you think of ilovegrowingmarijuana.com? Let me know in the comments!

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