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How To Store Weed So It Stays Fresh

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No one likes smoking dried out weed. As soon as those crispy plant bits hit the back of your throat, they’re practically guaranteed to make you cough. How to store weed so it stays fresh and tasty for longer? Proper storage.

Light, air, and moisture all have dramatic effects on your bud. Improper storage can turn a once beautiful flower into a dry, brown pile of dust.

Want to keep your weed fresh for a month? It’s simple: put it in the right container.

Keep Your Weed Fresh With These 3 Storage Solutions:

Option 1: Glass

Some prefer a simple mason while other’s go for specialty pot jars. The truth is, if it’s glass and airtight, you’re good.

Air dries out buds. As your marijuana is exposed to air over time, the moisture in it’s leaves begins to evaporate. After a while, all you’re left are crumbs that are harsh to smoke. Storing your herb in glass keeps the air out, preserving the quality of your weed.

Glass is a natural substance. It’s also impermeable and inert. When you store things in glass, nothing goes in and nothing goes out. What you put inside a glass jar stays just as good as the day you put it in until you expose it to oxygen again.

Glass also doesn’t secrete any flavor-changing compounds as temperatures fluctuate. This makes glass the best storage solution when you want to savor the true flavor of cannabis terpenes and keep things fresh.

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The downside? Clear glass doesn’t protect your weed from light damage. Store your glass jars in a dark cupboard that doesn’t get too hot. Light and heat also cause water in your cannabis to evaporate. Weed that’s been sitting in the sun all day gets dry and brittle, making it unpleasant to smoke.

Further, marijuana locked inside a jar begins to sweat when it get too hot. This increases the relative humidity inside the jar, putting your bud at risk of molding. Keep your cannabis in a cool place, away from direct sunlight or any heating elements.

When choosing your glass container, size matters. Make sure you pick a size appropriate for the amount of bud. Weed can go stale in a container that’s too big, as excess air is trapped inside.

Option 2: Dark, Airtight Container

Parke, Davis & Co. distributed medical cannabis in these dark, airtight, tin containers prior to the 1930s. Image Source.

If glass isn’t to your taste, the next best option is airtight metal. For the best preservation of flavor, look for titanium. Unlike other metals, titanium doesn’t secrete flavor-changing gasses over time.

Gasses are also the reason you should avoid plastics. While decent in the short term, plastics affect the flavor of your bud in the long-term. Many plastics are sensitive to even slight changes in temperature. As plastic heats up, it may leach odorous and harmful compounds into your bud.

Option 3: Cannabis Humidor

Photo Source: Cannador Instagram

The true cannaisseur might consider investing in a marijuana humidor. If you store your bud anywhere with 75% humidity or higher, they’ll begin to mold.

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For dried bud that will last forever, aim for humidity levels between 50 and 65%. Cannabis humidors like the Cannador maintain the perfect humidity range for your herb. This nifty little box also happens to be airtight and opaque, preventing light and air from damaging your stash.

If you’d like to repurpose a cigar humidor, make sure that you can adjust down to 50% humidity. Your typical cigar humidor maintains a humidity of about 70%. That’s a little too high for cannabis.

The CVault Humidity Controlled Storage Container is a good option for humidity control.


Do you have any weed storage tips or tricks? What keeps your bud fresh? Share your knowledge! Join the conversation by dropping us a line on social media or sharing this article with a friend. We want to know what you think! 

How To Store Weed So It Stays Fresh

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