How to Make Weed Salad Dressing: Recipe, Instructions & Video

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Posted on March 29, 2018 in Dinner, Snacks

The base of any good salad is an excellent dressing. Luckily, dressing is easy to make and you can easily add weed in as an  ingredient making a salad not likely to be forgotten. Below you will find a a simple recipe to make a tasty marijuana salad dressing.


  • A teaspoon of raw honey
  • A teaspoon of balsamic vinegar
  • A teaspoon of salt
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • ½ a teaspoon of ground pepper
  • A tablespoon of Dijon mustard
  • Marijuana ground up in a grinder or food processor

Kitchen Tools required:

  • A stainless steel bowl
  • A whisk
  • A spoon
  • A small bowl or ramekin


For this recipe, the ingredients have to be added in one by one in a particular order. First add the Dijon mustard to the bowl. Next add the honey. If you want your dressing to be sweeter you can add more than a teaspoon of honey. Whisk the mustard and honey together using the whisk.

Now add the olive oil, just a little bit at a time and whisk it into the honey and mustard mixture. If you do this step correctly your mixture will start looking like a paste. If the oil is added too fast it will not incorporate well with the mixture, it will just float on top of the mixture so make sure to add the oil little by little.

Next add the balsamic vinegar, also very slowly as you whisk it in. Add the vinegar a lot slower that you did with the oil. As you whisk the vinegar in, the paste like texture of the mixture will gradually thin out. You can substitute balsamic vinegar with red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, malt vinegar or cider vinegar if you want. Any of these vinegars can change the flavour profile of the salad dressing. Now you have a good vinaigrette base for your salad dressing.

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For the final step, add the salt, pepper and the ground marijuana to the vinaigrette and whisk them in well. Pour the marijuana salad dressing into a ramekin and it is now ready for your salad.

To make your salad, take a teaspoon of the salad dressing and put it along the sides of a bowl, then put in all your salad greens and vegetables and other elements into the bowl. Toss the salad in the bowl and the dressing along the sides will coat whatever you have put in the bowl. In this way you will get the fresh flavour of the salad dressing in every mouthful of the salad even though you have used it minimally. You won’t end up wasting any of the dressing and you can store it to be used another time. You can follow along with the video below:


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