How to Make Weed Lollipops: Recipe & Instructions

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Posted on August 30, 2014 in Desserts, Snacks


For today’s recipe we will be making hash infused lollipops! This is a surprisingly easy recipe that can be whipped up in under 15 minutes if you already have the ingredients and cooking utensils required.


  • 3/4 cups sugar
  • 1/3 cup corn syrup
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1 box of cherry jello
  • 2 grams of hash

As well as the ingredients above, you are going to need nonstick cooking spray, around 20 4 inch lollipop sticks, a metal measuring spoon and finally a candy thermometer. Now I know this sounds like a lot, but trust me, all of your efforts to gather these materials will be worth it. These cherry lollipops are one one of the best cannabis infused desserts you can make. Now you can make lollipops with cannabutter, but I have not found it to be very successful and I prefer to use hash which is why we will be using it today. With this recipe it is key that you have everything layed out and prepared before you start cooking because time will be of the essence. So without further ado, let’s get started!

The first step is to spray down a cookie sheet and lay out the lollipop sticks evenly across the sheet, leaving at least a few inches between each. If you happen to have a candy mold laying around, that will work great for this as well. Grab a small bowl and place the contents of the jello packet inside. Break the hash down into a fine powder and mix it in with the jello premix.

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Now that we have everything is properly set up, turn one of the burners on your stove to a low temperature and place a medium sized sauce pan (with your candy thermometer attached) over the heated burner. Add in the 3/4 cup of granulated sugar, the 1/3 cup of light corn syrup and finally the 1/4 cup of butter. Constantly stir this mixture until it comes to a boil. Once it has gotten to a boil we are going to stop stirring it and increase the heat. Then we will let the temperature rise until the sugar is in the state that we desire it to be in. If you like your candy soft, I would suggest stopping at around 250 degrees. When I make these lollipops, I prefer my candy to be a little harder so I will bring the temperature up to 285 degrees. You can go higher if you like your candy to be brittle but I wouldn’t suggest going over 310 degrees.

Once the desired temerature has been attained, remove your candy thermomitor from the pan and gently add in you mixture of jello and ground up hash oil. It is important that you mix everything together as thoroughly as possible, as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence here folks because you don’t want the candy to cool off too fast. Safety is very important in this upcoming step because we are working with very very hot candy. Let me reiterate, BE CAREFUL HERE. Scoop out about a tablespoon of the candy and add it to the cookie sheet where you have your lollipop sticks layed out or into your candy mold if you are lucky enough to have one.

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Protip: Immediately boil the cooking utensils you used here for quick cleanup, this candy can be a mess..


Let your lollipops cool off for a bit and you’ll be enjoying these lollipops in no time! Check out the video below and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the best weed recipes sent directly to your inbox!



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