Guy Arrested With $1 Million Worth Of Weed On His Backseat

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OK, it’s fair to say that most people won’t have this much weed to transport. But, if you ever have to, use this story as an example of what not to do. A Miami man was arrested after deputies found eleven garbage bags filled with weed, valued at more than $1 million, on the backseat of his van.

How not to transport your weed

This is not your average bust. And that’s not ‘cause of the value of the weed, either, but more due to the stupidity of the suspect.

After noticing an illegal window tint on the van of one Carlos Aguilar, a cop signaled for the driver to pull over. But instead, Aguilar decided to flee and that’s where the pursuit began. It quickly ended, though, as Aguilar stopped the vehicle and fled on foot into woods – all without his bags, of course.

As soon as the cop hopped out of his vehicle, he could smell the contents of the garbage bags – yes, garbage bags – on the backseat of the suspect’s van, which was over a million dollars worth of freshly harvested weed.

When I exited my vehicle, I could smell the marijuana already. – Detective James Bates (who was assisted by Gunnar, the dog, from the Highway Interdiction Unit)

And you can see why can’t you?

While the detective didn’t need too much help finding eleven bags – again, those were garbage bags – of fresh weed on the backseat, Gunnar did help track down Aguilar, who was hiding in the trees.

The DEA fakes robberies to confiscate cannabis without notifying suspects

After being apprehended, Aguilar found himself in jail, where he was charged with trafficking marijuana (over 25 pounds), fleeing and eluding an LEO, along with resisting arrest.

The contents of the bags weighed in at 355 pounds, which is said to have a street value of more than a million dollars.

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