Gallup Poll Shows 58% of Americans Support Legalizing Cannabis

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A new Gallup poll shows more Americans than ever before supporting the legalization of marijuana. The poll, released yesterday, shows that 58% of Americans think cannabis should be made legal, a seven percent increase from last year.

The increases in support for legalization cut across age groups: 40% of people ages 65 and older are pro-legalization. In 1969, only 20% of this group (born between 1935 and 1950) supported legalizing cannabis.

Not surprisingly, support for legalization is strongest among those born between 1981 and 1997, at 71%. But the Baby Boomers are backing pot as well: 58% of them are pro-legalization.

“Americans’ support for legalizing marijuana is the highest Gallup has measured to date, at 58%,” the survey states. “Given the patterns of support by age, that percentage should continue to grow in the future.”


Photo Credit: Martin Alonso


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