Drinking Weed: How Different Is Your High? 1

Drinking Weed: How Different Is Your High?

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One not-so-popular method that most cannabis consumers have not tried yet is drinking weed. Yes, there are plenty of people who have tried out this method, but that doesn’t mean a majority of users have.

The thought of drinking weed and getting “high” may seem crazy, awesome, weird, or even stupid to some people, but this method can be extremely effective for certain medical patients or users who just do not like to typically smoke to feel their high. Or, perhaps you want to try a new way of consuming cannabis?

You may be wondering: “When you are drinking weed, how different is your high?” Good question. In a new review by Strain Central on YouTube, which contains strain reviews and smoke sessions, a medical marijuana patient tries out a 70mg THC strawberry lemonade drink.

Sounds good doesn’t it? After about an hour of consuming the drink, the patient gives his thoughts on to what it felt like drinking weed compared to regular consumption.

Just how different is it? Find out for yourself by watching the video below!

If drinking weed isn’t your thing, vaping might be! Check out the PAX 3, available at the Herb Shop.

Drinking Weed: How Different Is Your High?

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