Dope Puns: 10 Awesome Weed Puns 1

Dope Puns: 10 Awesome Weed Puns

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One thing you have to credit marijuana smokers is that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Another thing that marijuana smokers should also be credited for? We are clever. People who consume cannabis tend to be more creative and judging by these images and videos, our strength is word-play. So sit back, light a joint and enjoy these ten “punny” jokes from around the internet.

Dope Puns: 10 Awesome Weed Puns
Photo credit: Marijuana Memes

1. The New Cannabis Infusion Process is Here!

Dope Puns: 10 Awesome Weed Puns
Photo credit: itsthegreenstuff via Tumblr

We would gladly volunteer to be the first person to test meat from cattle who have lived their life in cannabis fields.

2. …Yes Please

Dope Puns: 10 Awesome Weed Puns
Photo credit: Blog 51

Not only is this the most courteous alpaca in the world, he can also rock a scarf harder than Johnny Depp.

3. Dispensary Owners Love Word-Play

Dope Puns: 10 Awesome Weed Puns
Photo credit: The Black Sheep

New York Daily News did a story on some of the dispensaries applying for business licenses in the state of Washington after cannabis legalization. These names, of course, are extremely clever in hopes of attracting customers with a chronic sense of humor:

  • B’leaf
  • Starbuds
  • One Hit Wonders
  • Hard Pot Cafe
  • Planet Hollyweed
  • Bag End
  • Fiddler’s Green
  • Rocky Mountain High
  • Verde Valley
  • New Vansterdam
  • Margie’s Pot Shop
  • The Happy Crop Shoppe

4. The Irony of Last Year’s Super Bowl

Dope Puns: 10 Awesome Weed Puns
Photo credit: acreepyhomelessman via Tumblr

Puns were not in short supply last year as the Denver Broncos faced off against the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl—especially since these two teams are from cities that have legal cannabis and no shortage of medicated fans. Iconic smoker Tommy Chong even chimed in:

“I’m staying home and will be watching the Super Bowl while I light up my own Super Bowl.”

5. Twas The Night Before 4/20

Bill Maher has been huge in the marijuana movement, hosting his own weekly television show which often critiques the politics of marijuana. This is an especially funny segment of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” in which he reads the new classic “Twas The Night Before 4/20” while advocating that April 20th should be named an official holiday (obviously).

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6. United in Holy Marijuana-mony

Dope Puns: 10 Awesome Weed Puns
Photo credit: obliterateyourmind via Tumblr

Sarah doesn’t seem to care that her wedding will be interrupting the annual holiday of 4/20 which should be spent anywhere but a long, boring wedding. If she is smart she will have a table at the back stocked with Visine and rice crispy squares.

7. Pikachu Has Really Let Himself Go

Dope Puns: 10 Awesome Weed Puns
Photo credit: Marijuana LOL’s

For all you kids out there who look up to Pikachu as a role model for companionship, smoking cannabis doesn’t mean you have to grow dreadlocks or sport a pot-leaf muscle shirt. Cannabis affects everyone differently, especially if you are some weird mouse thing.

8. Washington Post’s Punnier Moments

Dope Puns: 10 Awesome Weed Puns
Photo credit: Huffington Post

It seems the Washington Post has a closet smoker amongst them after years of some of the best pun-based weed headlines in history. Some of these gems include:

  • “Ex-Spy Lobbying on Weed-to-Know Basis: Woolsey Represents Hemp in Uphill Fight” and
  • “On Pot Question, Cabinet Doesn’t Blow Smoke.”

9. Are your friends Pun-worthy?

Dope Puns: 10 Awesome Weed Puns
Photo credit: theslitherydee via Tumblr

That is quite the group chat name, especially considering the chat seems to have a narc who isn’t willing to have any fun.

10. Brewery Getting in on the Recreational Smoke

Dope Puns: 10 Awesome Weed Puns
Photo credit: West Flanders Brewing

West Flanders Brewery in Boulder Colorado has been asked by many patrons to allow recreational smoke within their brewery now that laws have changed in their state. In a truly cheeky fashion, this brewery has crafted a beer called ‘Recreational Smoke’ that was branded much like a new cannabis strain.

If all this these weed puns have you in the mood to get high, take a look at the awesome products at the Herb Shop. Check out the Mighty Vaporizer, it’ll have you saying “Weed go well together!”.

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