DON’T Do This High: Jogging The French Alps Is The Most Awesome Nerve-Wracking Thing Yet

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Sébastien Montaz-Rosset, a filmmaker, brings us upon the extremely steep edges of the French Alps. It is safe to say that we lost our breaths for a couple seconds. Not because of the beautiful scenery, but because it is a tad bit nerve-wracking just watching it from our seats.

There is no doubt that the views are stunning and it is a beautiful thing that Sébastien was able to share for the viewer’s pleasure. However, there is also no doubt that we do not want to try this highor even sober for that matter.

As beautiful as it is, a pretty fast-paced jog along the steep and rocky edges of the French Alps is terrifying enough just watching it from the comfort of our seats.

Would you be daring enough to do this? All we can think of is one bad slip or one bad landing could result in much more than a broken ankle…

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