Donations-Based Edibles Enterprise in Washington D.C. Butts Heads with Local Police

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A man arrested for running the Washington D.C. infused edibles company Kush Gods was recently set free — though he is reportedly determined to continue operating within the District, despite the court case and legal purgatory that is the city’s local cannabis laws.

It’s currently legal in Washington D.C. to grow, consume and possess cannabis — and even to give it away or share it with a friend — but actually selling the drug is still against the law. That’s why Nicholas Cunningham, owner-operator of Kush Gods, runs his business on a “donations only” infrastructure. “I know what I am doing is legal,” Cunningham told The Washington Post.

Cunningham and one of his employees were arrested recently after providing cannabis products to an undercover police officer, according to a report by The Associated Press:

“Police said in court documents that the Kush Gods investigation began in October and that an undercover officer bought pot from Cunningham on seven occasions. The officer bought pot-laced brownies, rice cakes and gummy-style candies along with loose marijuana, paying up to $550 at a time, according to the documents.”

Since their release, however, it appears Kush Gods is moving forward with the business. According to a recent article in the DCist, there is now a Kush Gods app available for Android that allows people to make donations directly through their phone, and the company will afterwards deliver products accordingly.

“I don’t really have a suggested donation price because I don’t want to turn anyone down,” Cunningham explained in an October interview with the DCist. “But people understand the reality of the situation. Brownies are ten dollars.”

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