Does Cannabis Really Affect Your Appetite? 1

Does Cannabis Really Affect Your Appetite?

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Everyone in the cannabis community has asked themselves “does cannabis really affects my appetite?” Maybe you’re trying to avoid the freshmen 15 or worried that cannabis is the reason you can’t run a mile. Regardless of your reasons behind exploring this very common question, it’s important to know the answer. So, does cannabis really affect your appetite?

Cannabis in your body

Does Cannabis Really Affect Your Appetite?
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When you use cannabis, you feel it. This isn’t because that is how cannabis works, but because of the way your body is able to process cannabinoids. In our brains, there are receptors that specifically interact with cannabinoids. This system is known as the endocannabinoid system.

These cannabinoid receptors are located in the brain and throughout the nervous system. With these receptors located throughout the body, it’s not surprising that they can significantly impact a number of systems. The endocannabinoid system can impact your sleep cycles, mood, and even appetite.

The research proves it

Does Cannabis Really Affect Your Appetite?
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There are a number of research studies confirming the connection between cannabis and appetite. On study, conducted in 2013, explores the relationship between cannabis, insulin, and glucose. The results of this particular study suggest a relationship between cannabis use and the body’s metabolic processes.

Another study, conducted in 2003, reviews the metabolic pathways for cannabis in the human body. Additionally, it discusses the way in which cannabis impacts feeding behavior.

Appetite for destruction

Does Cannabis Really Affect Your Appetite?
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According to science, cannabis really does affect your appetite. Now, what are you going to do about it? When the munchies strike, what snack with you turn to that satisfies your metabolic cravings? If you’re in college, avoid the food court. If you didn’t plan ahead, check out some munchies that are sure to beat your cravings here.

Skinny Weed: What Is It & How Does It Work?

If you’re worried that your appetite has become too demanding due to your cannabis use, you’re in luck. There are numerous strains that are known not to cause the munchies. Using strains higher in CBD are your best bet if you’re trying to avoid an increased appetite. Luckily, thees strains are relatively common and available at dispensaries.

If you don’t mind the munchies but are worried about packing on the extra pounds, opting for “healthier” munchies is always an option, too.

Does Cannabis Really Affect Your Appetite?

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