Dinafem Seeds Review

Dinafem Seeds Review

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Dinafem Seeds Review – Dinafem Seeds, Cannabis Seeds Breeders. Spain.

When attempting to purchase weed seeds online, it is vital to take the time to search out a reliable online cannabis seed bank. Dinafem is a popular name in the cannabis seed market which is a seed bank and grower based in Spain. They do have several official distribution channels located throughout mainland Europe though. Dinafem is highly recommended in online weed growing communities because of its high-quality seeds and outstanding customer care team. But cannabis enthusiasts tend to favor Dinafem, though, for the strength and reliability of their marijuana strains.

Dinafem Seeds Review


Dinafem grew out of a simple passion for weed, just like many other cannabis seed shops. Dinafem originated from 2002, when its founders spent an entire year looking for the most suitable places to grow weed and methods for developing their now-renowned custom strains. After a couple of years of developing, enhancing and perfecting the craft, Dinafem Seeds was introduced as an official entity with products for sale in 2005. At that time, they were the first company who specialized in feminized seeds in the whole Spain, and they had made it their mission to compete with the fierce competition in Amsterdam.

In just five short years, they became the first non-Dutch breeder to win the Soft Secrets “Girl of the Year” Award for their preferred strain, Moby Dick. More than a decade has passed since the start of Dinafem, the company still remembers its humble roots and remain devoted to offering customers a pleasant shopping experience with a strong quality guarantee.


When taking the time to Browse Dinafem Seeds strain selection, you will notice immediately that their stock is a little limited in comparison with some other cannabis seed shops, but its quality more than makes up for that. In their online shop, they also present seeds from other breeders and providers like Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion, and Sensi Seeds, which helps to round out the selection. Dinafem’s proprietary strains are all feminized or autoflowering. Some of their most popular strains include Moby Dick, Amnesia, White Widow, Haze XXL, Cheese, Industrial Plant, and Critical Jack.


Dinafem is widely recognized for the strength of their seed buds and easy-to-grow strains. They produce plants that are very easy to grow and take care of, with fast flowering times that give you a lot of reward for all your efforts. They go through a rigorous and unique process for cleaning their seeds, ensuring their quality, and packaging them in innovative glass Eppendorf tubes that include moisture control and a thermo-hygrometer that allows customers to see the conditions their seeds have been subjected to during the shipping process and helps to ensure a fresh product once they arrive.The consensus in online communities is that Dinafem seeds are a great buy and you’ll rarely if ever be disappointed in the quality. The genetics are solid and they produce highly reliable, consistently good plants.

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In the year 2018, a company’s customer service is one of the most crucial aspects of all. It is a such a common sense that customers have so many concerns buying online. Not knowing what kind of seed quality you’ll be getting, along with being unsure about the kind of customer service you can expect is enough to make anyone hesitant to spend their hard earned money. When something goes wrong or you need to ask a question, it is essential to make sure that you’re able to reach the company with ease. Rest assured that with Dinafem, if something does go wrong with your order, they will do what they can to make it right for you.

One review says that a buyer ordered Dinafem seeds from Attitude that came in rotten. While Attitude was not able to assist him, Dinafem offered to send him a replacement order, completely free of charge. Now that’s top-notch customer service, especially when considering the fact that he didn’t even buy through Dinafem’s shop.

So please rest assured that there’s really no reason to worry. Not only does Dinafem deliver a reliably high quality product, but they’re more than willing to go out of their way to fix any mistakes if needed. Certainly, you can enjoy your happy shopping experience here.


With regard to the website, Dinafem’s website is super easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savy. The website is well-designed with a professional touch to it. There are many different languages available like English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, and a so many others, so you should have no problem navigating it no matter which language you are using. The site has efficient search features that let you easily find what you’re looking for, whether you’re searching by seed type or by breeder. They provide you with plenty of growing advice and answers to a lot of frequently asked questions as well as tons of useful and helpful information.

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It took a bit of effort and a little digging for us to find out that Dinafem accepts credit and debit cards, bank transfers, or cash on delivery for customers located in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Germany since the concrete information regarding payment options they accept is lacking from their website. They do not seem to accept PayPal or Bitcoin payments at this time, which is such a shame. To make-up for that though, you can browse on their website and see the prices in a variety of different currencies, such as the Euro, American dollars, or Pounds sterling.


First and foremost, Dinafem offer worldwide shipping, with different shipping options for different countries though. Dinafem’s shipping methods are unique in the cannabis industry. Their unique packaging precautions including the color-change thermometer and moisture control also help to ensure that the seeds get to you in top condition. Products are packaged in plain brown envelopes so as not to arouse unnecessary suspicion. All packages ship with a guarantee of delivery and come with a tracking number so it is kind of easy check the status of your order.


When looking for high quality seeds and extraordinary customer care, be sure to give Dinafem a visit. They are not a big name in the weed industry for no reason. Most people never have a problem with their seeds, but those very rare ones who do are treated to caring customer service agents that help them sort out their issues. Almost no one can complain about the top-quality strains and service that Dinafem has on offer.

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Worldwide shipping and the extra steps they take to keep the seeds in top condition upon arrival give Dinafem an edge on the competition, but the limited payment options can be a downside that back it down a bit. If Dinafem could just add in some Bitcoin and PayPal options, it would definitely be one of the top!

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