Diaz Bros Spent 420 Getting High With The Wu-Tang Clan

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Want to know how the Diaz brothers spent their 420? Not at the Octagon, that’s for sure. While attending the High Times Cannabis Cup festival, Nick and Nate partied with the Wu-Tang Clan. And of course, smoked lots of weed. But the brothers aren’t the only ones who got their hands on some ganja. Apparently, the crowd scored some free bud, courtesy of Nick and Nate Diaz. Be sure to check out the brothers’ having the time of their life on 420 in the video below.

The Diaz brothers spent 420 with Wu-Tang and fans scored free bud

International Weed Day, aka 420, is the most special day of the year. Not only do you get to smoke lots of weed, but you also get to attend fun pot-friendly events.

It turns out that Nick and Nate Diaz spent this particular day at the High Times Cannabis Cup festival. And luckily, Nick recorded the festivities on his Snapchat, for the entire world to see.

The brothers didn’t spend this special day at the Octagon, either. Nope, they hung out and partied with the one and only Wu-Tang Clan.

While attending the event, Nick and Nate smoked plenty of ganja, of course. In fact, they brought so much bud that they decided to share with fans.

That’s right; fans scored free pot. Jealous?

During the video, you can see the herb being thrown off the stage into the hands of eager fans. It’s hard to tell, but it seems as though they had some prerolls, edibles, and possibly even some vape pens.

The law protecting legal weed states from the DEA is about to expire

Be sure to add Nick Diaz on Snapchat: diaz5150nick.

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