Denver Activists Campaigning to Allow Marijuana Consumption in Bars

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Marijuana activists in Denver are gathering signatures for a ballot measure that would allow marijuana consumption in bars and other 21-and-over sites. Those working on the measure need to gather 5,000 signatures to get the measure on the November ballot.

The measure would allow bars and clubs to allow the consumption of marijuana in compliance with clean air standards–marijuana would have to be eaten in the form of an edible or smoked in designated smoking areas hidden from public view.

Current Colorado law does not specifically prohibit the consumption of marijuana in private over-21 clubs, though it is illegal in a public setting. The proposed measure would clarify the definition of such a club.

Supporters of the measure argue that current law makes it very difficult for tourists to legally consume marijuana purchased in the city.

Denver would not be the first city in Colorado to legalize the consumption of marijuana in bars: both Pueblo and Nederland have passed similar statutes.


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