DEA, FBI Agents Raid Suspected Illegal Cannabis Growers in Colorado

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DEA and FBI agents coordinated a massive raid early Thursday morning against more than a dozen suspected illegal cannabis grow sites throughout the Denver metro area, The Denver Post reports.

The grows were reportedly targeted for the illegal growing and distribution of cannabis across state lines.

Deanne Rueter — the DEA spokesperson in Denver, Colorado — said that the judicial warrants were the culmination of a lengthy investigation into suspected illegal drug trafficking. She said there was a heavy concentration of busts in the city of Thornton, but that police agencies in Denver, Aurora, Thornton, Commerce City, and Broomfield — as well as sheriff investigators in Jefferson and Arapahoe counties — participated in the raids.

Reuter did not disclose how many houses and/or grow sites were targeted and she said she did not know if police officers were making drug-related arrests. The situation remains an ongoing criminal investigation, she said.

This is the first major federal cannabis enforcement action in Colorado since June, 2017, when 62 people were indicted for allegedly taking part in a major illegal drug trafficking ring.


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