D.C. Police Raid Cannabis Pop-up Event, 30 Arrests Reported

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District of Columbia police arrested 30 individuals Friday night at a cannabis pop-up event in Northeast Washington, according to a Washington Post report.

Police seized several pounds of cannabis product from 28 different vendors, more than $10,000 in cash, and three firearms at the event. A police official said that the bust came about while officers were serving a search warrant. The police official confirmed that Friday night’s event was well-attended, though it is not currently known if and/or what charges were brought against the arrested individuals.

Adult-use cannabis is legal in Washington D.C., but only to possess, grow, or consume — not to buy or sell. However, a cannabis gray market has thrived since legalization took effect, where consumers might buy something — like fresh juice or a trinket or even an empty glass jar — that would also come with a “gifted” stash of marijuana.

Under the District’s cannabis laws, it is technically legal to give up to one ounce of flower as a gift.

A lieutenant with the D.C. police narcotics unit told reporters that the department does not actively seek cannabis pop-ups in the District but will respond if they receive complaints about the events.


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