Colorado Company EdiPure Recalls 7,700 Cannabis Edibles Over Pesticide Concerns

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It happened again: Colorado cannabis edibles company EdiPure has voluntarily recalled 7,700 cannabis products for containing a potentially dangerous pesticide, The Cannabist reports.

This is the 10th product recall in three months that has been issued by a Colorado marijuana company over pesticide concerns. Throughout this time, EdiPure has issued more product recalls than any other producer.

A news release by the Denver Department of Environmental Health explained that the recalled products were made from contaminated cannabis that had been purchased from independent growers.

“The cultivators weren’t being upfront with us,” explained Kyle Forti, spokesman for EPMM Colorado, a company currently in ownership disputes over EdiPure with another Colorado-based cannabis company, Green Cross. “We’re frustrated right along with the public,” Forti said. “… I’m confident that with what we’ve been able to put into place now with our equipment, our testing and everything else, this isn’t going to be an issue again.”

Green Cross CEO Mark Smith had no comment about the latest recall, but in November did state that of EdiPure’s original recalls, only 5% of the products in question were actually returned by retailers, and that no contaminated products purchased by consumers had been returned.

Photo Credit: Magic Madzik


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