Child Services Threaten To Take Son For Treating His Cancer With Cannabis

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A mother of a four-year-old son that was battling leukemia claims that the use of cannabis cured her son of the cancer, but health professionals are worried about the long-term effects of the weed.

Child services stepped in

In Colorado, some 200 children under the age of 10 have state medical marijuana cards, with one of those children allegedly being cured of his illness through the use of weed. The claims come from a mother in Colorado Springs, Sierra Riddle, who says weed has cured her four-year-old son of cancer.

The four-year-old, Landon, is one of the 214 aforementioned kids that have medical marijuana cards. For Landon, the treatment with cannabis began with the use of CBD oil that, of course, has a low level of THC in it.

But Landon moved on to vaping, which his mother says makes him 100-times better than he was a few months before, when Landon was near death, as his health was not being helped by the chemotherapy. That was the reason why she switched from chemo to the oil, along with moving from Utah to Colorado, just to make that change happen.

But it came with an ultimatum from Child Protective Services: use the bottles of chemo medication or risk losing your son.

His mother took all the bottles in to the doctors, but Landon did continue the intravenous chemo treatments, once a month.

But Sierra says the progress Landon has made is not because of the chemo, as she credits all his progress, including his cure, to cannabis.

#FreePotPrisoners: Your Voice Matters

So, if he’s cured, why is Landon still taking it? The mother claims that Landon relapses when she stops giving him marijuana. But local health authorities fear what could happen if the treatment of cannabis continues.

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