Cannabis Taxes to Fund Anti-Bullying Programs in Colorado Schools

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Surplus cannabis tax revenues in Colorado will fund a new bully prevention program, according to a KMGH-7 report. The state Department of Education grant is offering $40,000 per school per year for the program.

Dr. Adam Collins, bullying prevention and education grant coordinator for the Education Department, called the program “a great opportunity for schools” to ensure students’ “social and emotional wellness is taken care of.” The grant will provide schools with specialized training from a bullying prevention coach and evidence-based anti-bullying programs. Each approved school will also form a bully prevention committee comprised of faculty and parents.

“As far as we know, we’re the only state that is providing such significant funds to prevent bullying in schools,” Collins said in the report. “We are excited to have these funds.”

The funding comes from Proposition BB, which allows the state to keep extra tax revenues from legal cannabis sales — currently amounting to about $66 million.  

“It’s more than just teachers doing lessons,” Collins said. “It’s about changing the culture of the school so that it’s a warm environment. So it’s somewhere that bullying can’t thrive.”

Schools have until Oct 21. to apply for the grant, and 50 schools will be announced as grantees on Dec. 30. The funds will be distributed in January.      


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