Cannabis Seedling Help Handbook

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Emergency Resources for Sick Seedlings!

Sometimes the hardest part of growing cannabis is getting started. If you've never gardened or planted a seed before, you may have to learn everything from scratch. And with expensive and hard-to-get marijuana seeds, there's a lot of pressure to get things right! 

At GWE, we have resources for almost every common growing problem, so make sure to always use the search bar on the side of the website if you have a specific problem. 

Additionally, this tutorial will help you with some of the most common seedling problems, so you can get solutions quickly! Make it so that your first few weeks go without a hitch!

Cannabis Seedling Help Handbook

My Seedling Problem is…

If your seedlings are sick and you're still investigating the problem, move your grow light up and don't attempt to train your plants or do anything new until they're better! If you avoid stressing them out any further, they often recover much more quickly.

Germination Problems

  • Soil or Coco: Fail-Proof Germination Guide 

  • Hydroponics or DWC: Fail-Proof Germination Guide

  • Are My Seeds Good? (How to Know if Seeds Are Viable)

  • Seedling Growing Upside Down with Root Up

Yellow Leaves

  • There are many reasons you might see a yellowing leaf, but the following tutorial breaks down the most common reasons seedlings turn yellow. 

Curling or Clawing Leaves

  • Like yellow leaves, there are actually a few different triggers for clawing or curling, from watering practice to nutrient levels.

Seedling is Wilting or Droopy

If you notice your plant is droopy all the time, even in the mornings, it almost always means there's something going on at the roots. It might be getting too much or too little water at a time, possibly watering too often or infrequently, or its roots could be sick/damaged. The other major cause of drooping and wilting is high temperatures.

  • Overwatering vs Underwatering: How do you know?

  • Root problems (coco or soil)

  • Root Rot (hydro)

  • Heat Stress

How to Grow Weed and Not Get Caught – Privacy comes first!

Burnt Leaf Tips

  • Usually caused by nutrient burn (too much nutrients)
  • Occasionally caused by a deficiency such as a copper deficiency. This type of deficiency is often caused by incorrect pH or overwatering.

Why Are Stems Purple or Red?

  • Sometimes it's genetics, sometimes it's caused by cool temperatures, but sometimes it's a sign of stress. Learn whether your red or purple stems are normal.

Why is My Seedling So Tall?

  • If your seedling keeps growing taller and taller without a lot of leaves, it usually means it needs more light.

Why Have Leaves Curled Up Like Tacos?

  • This is often caused by heat stress, though sometimes too much light or very dry air can trigger it, too. 


  • Learn how to avoid Fungus Gnats (most common type of bug for new growers)
  • Other Common Cannabis Pests

Something Else?

  • Diagnose Your Sick Plant!

Bonus Articles!

  • Common Seedling Problems and Mistakes
  • 7 Common New Grower Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • How to Test Cannabis Seedlings for Gender and Future Potency

​What to Focus on During Your Seedling's First Month

  • Perfect Environment – humidity, temperature, airflow, CO2/fresh air, reflective walls, etc

  • Enough Light – If your seedlings are growing tall it means that they want more light! Remember, in the flowering stage your yields will be directly related to how much light your buds are getting!

  • Not Too Much of Light – Too much light can hurt your plants even in cool temperatures! Seedlings are more sensitive than adult plants, so be careful not to overload them with light too quickly! 

  • Watering properly (one of the hardest parts for a lot of new growers!) – How to Water Plants Perfectly Every Time. I promise it gets easier!

  • Not Too Much Love – Seedlings need some breathing room! (i.e. avoid overwatering, touching/messing with plants too much, giving too high levels of nutrients or supplements, etc.). They want you to love them and watch out for them, but they also need to get work done ????

  • Start Thinking About Gender – For several weeks after germination, a plant's gender is hidden and has little effect on how your plants grow. However, if you are not familiar with the difference between male and female plants (only female plants make buds), now is the perfect time to read up!

How to Check pH & Stop Cannabis Nutrient Deficiencies

Cannabis Seedling Help Handbook




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