Cannabis Retail Sales Outpace Alcohol Retail Sales in Aspen, Colorado

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Last year’s retail cannabis sales in Aspen, Colorado outpaced retail alcohol sales by nearly a million dollars, according to Aspen Finance Department figures outlined by the Aspen Times. The city’s legal cannabis industry brought in $11.3 million, while booze revenues reached $10.5 million.

This marks the first time legal cannabis sales outpaced retail alcohol sales in the city. In 2016, Aspen’s cannabis sales were $9.7 million and the 2017 figures represent a 16 percent increase, marking the largest rate of growth of the city’s 12 retail sectors. Alcohol sales were flat. There are six retail dispensaries and five liquor stores within Aspen city limits. The data shows that despite the overall sales totals, the city’s cannabis industry is not hurting the city’s alcohol industry, as liquor sales topped cannabis sales in December $1.6 million to $1.2 million.

The retail alcohol figures do not represent alcohol served in Aspen’s restaurants and bars, which netted $130 million in sales.

All said, accounting for booze served in restaurants and bars, the retail cannabis industry is the least valuable retail sector in the city. Accommodations rank first, followed by: restaurants and bars; sports equipment and sports clothing; clothing; food and drug; liquor; miscellaneous; construction; luxury goods; utilities; and automobiles.


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