Cannabis College Launches in Independence, Ohio

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The Cleveland Cannabis College is set to begin offering courses as the state crafts its medical cannabis regulations, NewsNet5 reports. According to the college’s website, its next course, Introduction to Cannabis, is to be conducted this weekend at the campus in Independence.

The college will offer training and educational courses about medical cannabis laws and history, and courses on horticulture.

“We offer a well rounded program that educates individuals in horticulture, history, legal, retail, activism, patient access and more,” the website states. “After completing the general coursework, our staff is dedicated to finding high paying jobs and internships in all areas of the cannabis industry.”

According to the NewsNet5 report, educators anticipate students will get jobs six months after graduation.

The two-day 14-hour introduction course, which is required for all majors, costs $250, and will cover horticulture, history, legal, business, extracts, edibles, and topicals, activism, and patient access.

From there, students are encouraged to pick a major which they will be able to pursue in the Summer/Fall semester of 2017. Students will be able to receive credits for attending cannabis seminars and events, and enrollees will also have access to incubator space and study labs so long as they remain enrolled.


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