‘Cannabis Clubs’ Being Considered in Massachusetts

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A Massachusetts Cannabis Advisory Board subcommittee has recommended that state regulators allow public use – or so-called cannabis clubs – under the state’s adult-use regime, which they suggest could keep cannabis products away from children but also limit how much product is illegally diverted out-of-state, according to a State House News Service report.

The measure, presented by the Cannabis Industry Subcommittee, would allow consumers to purchase cannabis products and use them at the same location. Michael Latulippe, member of the CAB and official with the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, said the facilities would “potentially alleviate the need for some parents to go home with cannabis.”

“It also alleviates the issue of interstate trafficking with tourists and people who are going to be coming to the state,” he said in the report. “Requiring them to buy large quantities of cannabis could cause for some problems.”

The proposal, which will likely be incorporated into draft regulations for the legal cannabis industry, includes recommendations for on-site “serving size” and a cut-off recommendation for budtenders to stop serving a consumer. The subcommittee suggests that licenses for on-site consumption be available to businesses for which cannabis sales represent 51 percent of overall sales, but would like to see exceptions for hotels and restaurants who would like to allow cannabis use or use cannabis as an ingredient. The subcommittee also recommended that the regulations include air quality regulations at on-site consumption facilities.

The Market Participation Subcommittee recommended the Cannabis Control Commission include equity provisions into the industry’s licensing and employment processes to “promote and encourage full participation” by communities and individuals disproportionately affected by cannabis prohibition.

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The CCC is expected to submit their draft regulations to the secretary of state by Dec. 29.


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