Canadian Cannabis Brand Seeking Paid Smokers For Cannabis Curation Committee

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Canadian cannabis company AHLOT is seeking five “cannabis connoisseurs” to staff the company’s “Cannabis Curation Committee,” according to a report by the Vancouver Star.

The committee members will be in charge of tasting and experiencing AHLOT’s cannabis strains to report on quality and other sensations. The connoisseurs will determine which of those strains make it into AHLOT’s signature sample packs. The committee will also produce social media content for the company, appear in videos and staff company events.

Members of the Cannabis Curation Committee will be paid $50 an hour for up to 16 hours per month, alongside a $200 expense account.

AHLOT, which stands for A Higher Level of Thought, is a Toronto-based cannabis brand that focuses on curating cannabis experiences for the masses. They produce a variety of products on top of their multi-strain, multi-producer sample packs, including storage boxes, other cannabis accessories, and media.

Cannabis will become nationally legal for adult use in Canada starting October 17. Licensed cannabis producers and other related brands throughout the country have seen surging stocks in recent weeks as the world prepares for the cannabis marketplace in a G7 nation to come online.


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