Canada continues to miss out on the next major cash crop. See how their restrictive marijuana policies compare to Denver’s regulated market.

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Canada continues to pursue their longstanding restrictive approach to marijuana policy. The question remains: when will it all change?

There is little to no question that cannabis would benefit Canada economically. However, the restrictive marijuana policies have caused a lot of problems for the country and many are advocating for change.

The Cash Crop: Canadian Cannabis

In this latest piece to the Canadian Cannabis series with VICE, Damian Abraham compares the grey (unregulated) market of British Columbia dispensaries to the regulated market in Denver, Colorado. Along the way he visits Marc Emery, the Prince of Pot, who shares some valuable insights to Canada’s program.

Abraham then heads off to Colorado and has the “easiest drug transaction” he’s ever been a part of. He meets up with The Stanley Brothers (who are known for cultivating the Charlotte’s Web strain), Charlie Brown (the longest serving member of Denver City Council), and Ricardo Baca (editor of The Cannabist).

Even though Colorado is ahead of the game and reaping the economical benefits, the rest of the nation still lags behind just like Canada’s marijuana program as a whole.

However, the revolution is only gaining speed and will continue to drive change with policies in both countries. Regulated markets are inevitable, but we will continue to wait for that day in both America and Canada.

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