Can You Tell Which Of These Ten-Year-Olds Is On Weed? 1

Can You Tell Which Of These Ten-Year-Olds Is On Weed?

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Jonathan Smith of Vice decided to put stoned kids to the test. Does medical marijuana really cause kids to act and think differently? To find out, Smith gave a pop quiz to two ten-year-old girls. We’ve included some excerpts below. Can you tell which kid is on weed?

Do some kids really use weed?

Can You Tell Which Of These Ten-Year-Olds Is On Weed?
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If you bring up the idea of treating sick children with marijuana, many people will look at you with horror in their eyes. Give a child a psychoactive drug? Really? But, react that way around a mother of a child with leukemia or severe epilepsy, and they’ll quickly tell you just how much medical cannabis has helped.

In Viceland’s documentary series on weed, Weediquette host Krishna Andavolu interviews various children that use medical marijuana to combat their illnesses. According to Andavolu, one seven-year-old with leukemia takes the equivalent of “ten bong rips of high-grade medical marijuana” for her treatment. The result of such a high dose may surprise you: she’s probably knocked out on a couch somewhere incapacitated, right?

Wrong. Much to everyone’s amazement, she’s able to talk and play outside like other children her age. Though, she still acts a little different after a dose of her medicine.

To unofficially test marijuana’s impact on children, Vice Executive Editor Jonathan Smith decided to do a little experiment. He found two ten-year-olds, one who takes marijuana daily and one who does not, and gave them a little quiz. The quiz included some basic trivia from online school workbooks. A few excerpts are included below, but be sure to check out the article on VICE for the full test!

Can you tell which one of these girls is on weed?

The test subjects are Naomi and Mykayla. Here’s how they each answered some basic school book questions:

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OK, so this is kind of an imaginative one, but what would a flower say to a ladybug?
“Hi Ladybug! My name is Flower. Why don’t you come and live in me? I’m a nice, pink one!”


Here’s a creative question for you: What would a flower say to a ladybug? Buzzzz buzzz?


Good job! Here’s a science-y one: What happens to water in a puddle as it dries?
It evaporates!


Very good. Here’s a science question for you. What happens to the water in a puddle as it dries?
It evaporates.


What is the force that holds your plate down on the table?


Very good. And what force holds a book down on your desk?


Where does the president live?
In the White House.


And where does the president live?
Washington, DC, in the White House.

The Answer

Are you ready for it? It’s Mykayla! Both girls got every single question correct, making it very difficult to tell which one takes marijuana on a daily basis. It just goes to show you that children who use medical cannabis can be just as smart and thriving as those who don’t need it.

Mykayla is an Oregon native who is currently in remission from t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She currently is off of all pharmaceuticals and finished chemotherapy nearly a year and a half ago. Mykayla and her family have spoken out at cannabis events across the state, including Portland’s Hempstalk. Her parents have also started their own cannabis advocacy group, Brave Mykayla. She takes 1/20 of a gram of marijuana oil each day.

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Do the results of this pop quiz surprise you? Share your thoughts with us on social media or in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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