Can Sugar Really Help Cultivate Your Cannabis? 1

Can Sugar Really Help Cultivate Your Cannabis?

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It is highly debated among cannabis cultivators as to whether or not sugars help the marijuana plant grow better. There are many different sugary products on the market that you can buy to feed your marijuana plant, but do they actually work? Well, this video is all about proving that they do work!

Jay Benett keeps a journal on the plants in his grow garden, and his latest experiment is using brown sugar water when watering to feet his marijuana plants. You can see the results for yourself in the difference between his marijuana plants the day before sugar and the day after. The results are obvious in just one night.

Sugar frosting!

Can Sugar Really Help Cultivate Your Cannabis?
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The difference between the plants before and after sugar treatment is a beautiful sugar like frosting all over the buds. The trichomes basically double overnight, making the buds look extra white and milky. Everybody knows that the trichomes contain the greatest amount of cannabinoids, so a plant heavily coated in trichomes is a good result.

Even though a lot of growers debate about this issue, the grower of this garden swears by feeding cannabis plants sugars. You can use a number of different methods to apply sugar to your plant, such as with sugar water, honey or molasses. You can make your own mixtures or buy products on the market. However, this is one of those unconventional growing tricks, so experimenting is the only way to find out!

Check out the video to see this guy’s plants after a sugar treatment!

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Can Sugar Really Help Cultivate Your Cannabis?

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