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Buying Marijuana Seeds in France 2020

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Buying Marijuana Seeds in France 2020 – All about Marijuana Laws in France: Using, Growing, Selling, and Buying Cannabis Seeds.

Anyone think countries in the vicinity of France surely little too hard on users of medical marijuana, multiply that by ten, and you get the actual situation in France. In france they government is more excited about its crackdown on illegal marijuana than other Western world and even the You. If you are a resident who is planning to activate in any cannabis-related activity or a tourist interested in travel to France in the near future, it is crucial that you know payday advance consequences of breaking the french government’s laws against this pungent weed.

Buying Marijuana Seeds in France 2018

Marijuana: Is it Legal in France?

Certain forms of medical marijuana are legal in France, but recreational marijuana isn’t. You are not allowed to use, grow, sell, or buy marijuana or its seeds for recreational use.

Using and growing recreational marijuana is illegal, as is selling or buying cannabis seeds in France. Selling or trafficking cannabis typically results in steeper penalties in France than in the U.S. If caught, you are subject to a fine up to €7.5 million and maximum ten years of imprisonment. Woah!

Being caught using, possessing, or selling cannabis can land you up to a one-year jail sentence or a maximum fine of €3,750. The courts may also require you to attend awareness classes about the dangers of drugs, as well as receiving mandatory addiction treatment.

French officials have announced a plan to lighten up on the prosecution of individuals caught with cannabis. Under the new laws, offenders would simply be given an on-the-spot citation and fined between €150 and €200. This plan has not been enacted yet and does not constitute legalization or decriminalization of cannabis in France. Currently, while one police officer may give tourists a warning for smoking marijuana in public, another one may not be so kind; it’s important to know that you run this risk when you’re in France. This is especially important to keep in mind because the recreational cannabis laws are harsh in France when compared to other surrounding European countries.

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France also lags behind its neighbors in terms of medical marijuana use. Medicinal use of cannabis is not allowed under French law. In 2013, it began allowing cannabis derivatives to be used to manufacture medications meant to relieve certain conditions, but those medications are only allowed to be used when other treatments have failed to ease symptoms. For example, the French government has approved the use of cannabis-derived medications Sativex and Marinol to relieve the suffering of multiple sclerosis patients.

However, it is all still ultimately on a case-to-case basis. Some law enforcement officers tend to go easy on tourists caught using marijuana and public and would leave you with a warning. Take note, though, that not all cops you may uncover are like that. It is always best to be careful. Research about developments in French laws previous to engaging in any activity related to marijuana or right before traveling for the country.

Buying Marijuana Seeds in France 2018

Buying Weed and Cannabis Seeds in France

Expect a rampant black promote for weed wherever it is prohibited. In France, you can usually buy yourself cannabis, seeds, and derivatives like hashish in places like bars, alleys, and beaches. To give you some perspective on how pricing works, 10 grams of the best quality cannabis will set you back by around $90 from a place like Strasbourg.

Of course, just because there are harsh cannabis laws doesn’t mean that weed isn’t being sold in France in 2018. In fact, cannabis is one of the most popular illegal drugs in France. Interestingly, you’re more likely to find hashish than cannabis seeds and weed available for purchase in France. You can find pot and cannabis seeds in France in many locations, including at the bars, beaches, and some streets. Be discreet if you do buy it, as it’s illegal.

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Are Changes Ahead for French Cannabis Laws?

To some extent, yes – the implementation of citations and smaller fines will change the system somewhat. This was a fulfillment of a campaign promise by the current French president, Emmanuel Macaron. However, there is unlikely to be any movement towards decriminalization or legalization in 2018. It will likely remain illegal to use, buy, and possess marijuana, as well as grow and buy cannabis seeds in France.

France’s movement towards relaxing penalties reflects changing attitudes towards cannabis in many countries. Officials are beginning to realize that harsh drug laws do not necessarily mean fewer people consuming these substances. The debate in France and around the globe continues as to whether tougher laws and harsher penalties are the answer for reducing drug use as the battle for cannabis legalization continues.

Buying Marijuana Seeds in France 2018

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Cannabis Culture & Cultivation in France

In France, marijuana did not become widely popular until the 1950s and 1960s. In the 1970s, it was a part of the hippie culture that swept the globe. People began growing cannabis plants in the Pyrenees Mountains – and still do so today!

Those growing and buying cannabis seeds in France in 2018 will find that marijuana use – and especially the use of hashish – is associated with North African immigrants. Despite this stereotype, the reality is that many trafficking gangs of French nationality are the ones trading in illegal cannabis. It’s possible that anti-cannabis propaganda is to blame for spreading these stereotypes.

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Where does French cannabis come from, exactly? French hashish comes mainly from Morocco. If you buy cannabis seeds in France, they might be Dutch imports; however, the amount of Dutch cannabis exports has dropped in recent years. Often, marijuana simply passes through France on its way to the UK, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Cultivation of cannabis from within France is actually quite small. Usually, farmers simply keep the crop for themselves or provide it to close friends or acquaintances.

Buying Marijuana Seeds in France 2018

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Looking Ahead: Cannabis Laws in France

If France is to reform its cannabis laws any time soon, the government must first acknowledge that buying cannabis seeds, as well as the growth and use marijuana is a part of the French culture that isn’t going away anytime soon. The government must also take the position that harsh penalties are not the answer to reducing the use of marijuana there. While the plan to potentially lighten up on penalties is a step in the right direction, it’s still a long way from decriminalizing and legalizing weed.

Buying Marijuana Seeds in France 2018
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Buying Marijuana Seeds in France 2018
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Buying Marijuana Seeds in France 2018

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