British MP Calls for Civil Disobedience Over ‘Barbaric’ MMJ Laws

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A member of Britain’s House of Parliament has called on citizens to use cannabis at the Palace of Westminster, according to a Sky News report. MP Paul Flynn, of the Labor Party, said the act of civil disobedience is the “only way we can get through the common mind of the government.”

“I would call on people, and I know we’re not supposed to do this as members, to break the law,” Flynn said in the report. “That’s the only way we can get through the common mind of the Government, which is set in concrete and the whole laws are evidence free and prejudice rich – let’s see them do that.”

Flynn also admitted to committing a “terrible crime” by drinking cannabis tea on the House of Commons Terrace with medical cannabis activist Elizabeth Brice, a multiple sclerosis patient, before her death in 2011. He did not admit to drinking the tea himself, but rather he supplied her with a cup of hot water for her tea – an act that could have sent Brice and Flynn to prison for seven years if caught.

“I think we have to say to those who put up with the barbaric stupidity and cruelty of Government policy that denies seriously ill people their medicine of choice we’ve got to call on those who are in this position to act in a way of civil disobedience,” he said.

Cannabis remains restricted as a Class B substance in England.


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