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Blue Viper Marijuana Strain

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The Blue Viper strain is a rare and mysterious Hybrid. This strain is thought to be a balanced yet stimulating Hybrid cross between Blueberry and Viper.

Blue Viper Marijuana Strain

Euphoria, Happy, Relaxed
Depression, Pain, Stress
Berry, Earthy, Spicy/Herbal, Sweet

Unfortunately, not much is known about the Blue Viper marijuana strain. A rare contemporary find, this flower is reportedly a cross between two more well-known strains, Blueberry and Viper. The resulting hybrid is thought to provide a fairly balanced experience, erring toward an uplifting and stimulating high.


Blue Viper Marijuana Strain

This strain is not well-known in the great wide world of cannabis. However, this new kid on the block is expected to be happy a Hybrid with relaxing and euphoric effects.

The parent strains are known to provide uplifting and relaxing experiences, though one parent also provides a deep physical sedation and the other an invigorating mental experience.

As a Hybrid offspring, different phenotypes of this herb may produce unique effects.  

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Blue Viper Oil Pens may be available from select brands, depending on the region.
  • Blue Viper shatter, Blue Viper wax, and other concentrates may be available from a number of retailers.

Traits of Blue Viper and Blue Viper Seeds

This strain is a contemporary Hybrid with a mysterious origin. The reported genetics of this strain include Blueberry and Viper, however even these genetics are not certain.

Regardless, Blueberry is the famous Indica that parented the Blue Dream strain. Viper is a stimulating Sativa with landrace lineage.

The result is a Hybrid flower with a semi-sweet aroma. Some berry notes may be present in this cannabis strain, however, the various phenotypes of this strain may not be stabilized. This means that samples may be different depending on the region where the strain was found.

Both Blueberry and Viper tend to be high THC producers. While specific testing data on the Blue Viper strain is not readily available, this flower is estimated to produce between 14 to 16% THC.

This is the average amount for a modern Hybrid strain.

Though, depending on testing and growing techniques, some Blue Viper samples may produce more or less than 16% of the psychoactive.  


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Medical Benefits of Blue Viper

Early reports indicate that this herb has as much appeal to medical marijuana patients as it does to their recreational counterparts.

  • Feeling moody? This cannabis strain may be helpful for those suffering from depression.
  • Those seeking relief from chronic stress may appreciate the relaxed and uplifting nature of this strain.
  • As a high-THC flower, some may find that this herb is helpful for mild to moderate pain relief.

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