Add Some All Natural Flavor To Your Joints With Flavored Rolling Papers

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Summer makes every activity better, especially smoke sessions. Celebrate all the sweet things that come with summer, like strawberries, sunshine and of course, puffing on a joint, with Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers.

Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers are the coolest way to celebrate summer.

Inspired by LL Cool J in the 1980s, Juicy Jay’s are the most relaxing way to celebrate summer. Available in more than 30 flavors, these papers add a little extra sweetness to celebrations all summer long. Available in coconut, strawberry, Jamaican rum, mango, pineapple and more, there’s a flavor that suits every occasion.

Rolling with Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers is better for your health.

Rolling up a joint under the sun is always a good feeling. It feels especially good when your rolling papers don’t contain any harmful junk. Juicy Jay’s Flavoured Rolling Papers consist of all-natural hemp pulp. While synthesized flavoring gives the paper its hint of flavor, the paper is otherwise free of harmful chemicals and bleach.

Juicy Jay’s are designed to elevate the natural aroma and taste of your dry herb strain without any unnecessary additives. They add a burst of fruity freshness without overpowering the delicious aromas and flavors of your herbs. They also add a pleasant, light scent to your smoke sesh.

The whole paper is flavored, so you get full-flavored hits. Whereas most other flavored rolling papers have flavor on the glue strip that you lick to keep the joint closed, Juicy Jay’s follows a ‘triple-dip flavor system.’ The whole paper is infused with flavor three separate times for extended periods. As a result, Juicy Jay’s are three times as flavorful as other flavored rolling papers. With flavors like coconut and Jamaican rum, you can experience island vibes all summer long right at home.

Flavored rolling papers make summer last.

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If you’re a weed-lover chasing a never-ending-summer, Juicy Jay’s are perfect for you. These flavored rolling papers offer a slow, even burn that help slow your summer down. Made in Alcoy, Spain, the birthplace of the rolling paper, Juicy Jay’s feature a run-preventing watermark that stops the paper from ripping as you roll it. The watermark also helps ensures a smooth burn. Anyone can roll the perfect joint when rolling with Juicy Jay’s.

The glue strip used to close your joint comes from a natural sugar gum called Acacia gum. Extracted from the Acacia tree, this sugar is harmless to your health and holds your joint together strongly and with ease. It ensures your jay will stay rolled nice and tight until the end.

Flavored rolling papers are the fresh, fruity and fun must-have of the summer.

Along with adding a big rush of tropical flavor to your smoke sesh, Juicy Jay’s also look really fun and summery. Every flavor has cute designs printed all over each paper, like mini cherries, pineapples, and coconuts. The print is soy ink, so it’s not harmful to inhale. Placing a few rolled joints in a bowl would make for a fun, colorful party-favor.

Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers add a burst of flavor to every smoke sesh. Perfect for celebrating summer and all the great things that come with it, these rollings papers won’t disappoint.

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