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7 Surprising Facts About Marijuana

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These facts about cannabis are likely to intrigue and shock you. Get high on truths about the history of weed, differences between male and female marijuana use, and more.

If you’re looking to get high on knowledge in addition to a weed-related high, then you’ve come to the right place. Learning more about marijuana can enrich your experience with the amazing plant and may even help you gather more evidence to sway someone toward agreeing with your favorable opinion of marijuana. Here are the most surprising cannabis facts, in no particular order.

7 Surprising Facts About Marijuana

7 Surprising Facts About Marijuana You Probably Didn’t Know

1. Weed Seeds Date Back Several Millenniums

Shockingly, the use of marijuana did not start with the hippies in the 1970s. No, it was many years before that.

Exactly how many years? Although the exact start date is a bit muddled, many historians trace the earliest recorded use of marijuana back to 6,000 B.C., in China.

While you might assume the weed was being grown for smoking purposes, the seeds were actually planted by the Chinese people to use for food. Later, in 4,000 B.C., hemp was first incorporated into the production of textiles.

2. Females Respond Differently to Cannabis than Males

Although there is much research still to be done in this area, the insights thus far in 2017 are surprising. Yes, gender differences exist when it comes to cannabis use.

A recent study by Washington State University, for example, found support for the assertion that females build up a tolerance to weed easier than males. The study was done on rats as they have a menstrual cycle and fluctuate in ovarian hormone levels that affect pain levels like in humans.

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Interestingly, at the start of the study, the female rats were more sensitive to THC than the males, but the situation changed over the ten days of testing such that the females required larger doses of marijuana than the males to achieve the same amount of pain relief. So, by the end of the clinical trials, the females were less sensitive to cannabis than males!

7 Surprising Facts About Marijuana

Females Respond Differently to Cannabis than Males

3. Shakespeare Smoked Pot

There is evidence that Shakespeare, the famous playwright and poet, was a fan of the beautiful green plant. Indeed, forensic technology has unveiled marijuana residue in pipes found in his Stratford-upon-Avon garden.

The forensic study used a specialized gas procedure that is known to be extremely sensitive to residues preserved in pipes, even if they are hundreds of years old. Of the studied clay “tobacco pipes” that came from Shakespeare’s garden, four of them were found to contain traces of marijuana.

Given the research findings, it is possible that Shakespeare was high when he wrote the romantic sonnets and other literary works that are still considered masterpieces by many people nowadays. If so, then the connection between creativity and cannabis consumption may just have gotten a little bit stronger.

4. The Largest U.S. Cash Crop is Weed

While cannabis is not legal (yet) in every U.S. state, it is still the biggest cash crop in the country, as measured by annual revenue. A recent release of the numbers from 2003-2005 on the Drug Science website revealed that the production value of the cannabis crop in the United States was about $35.9 billion.

This figure was roughly $10 billion more than America’s second-largest crop, which was corn; the yearly revenue for corn was about $23.3 billion. In comparison to soybeans, the third-largest cash crop, marijuana was more than double its $17.3 billion total.

The same report showed that the marijuana was the biggest cash crop in 12 U.S. states, including Oregon, South Carolina, North Carolina, Hawaii, and Kentucky. Unexpectedly, the crop brings in more money across the nation than corn and wheat pooled together.

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Although many people know that agriculture is one of the leading cash crops in the world, few people realize that the most revenue (gross production value) is earned by cannabis. This plant provides an amazing $130 million for every square mile, accounting for more revenue than any other cash crop around the globe. Even if the world’s revenue from sugar, soybeans, and potatoes were all combined, it would still not amount to more than cannabis!

7 Surprising Facts About Marijuana

The Largest U.S. Cash Crop is Weed

5. Cannabis is in the Air in Italy

Another surprising fact is that marijuana smoke is wafting through the air in many parts of Italy. In 2012, scientists at Italy’s Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research published a report of their findings on what substances are found in the air in specific cities there.

The Italian locations the researchers focused on were Florence, Milan, Rome, Bologna, Verona, Naples, Palermo, and Turin. They concluded that weed was floating through the air in all eight of these cities and that the highest levels were found in Bologna and Florence.

However, even in the latter two cities, the amounts are not sufficient to cause a contact high. What is clear, though, is that more than love is in the air in Italy. Indeed, the researchers discovered that, in addition to cannabis, the air in the eight cities also contained cocaine, caffeine, and nicotine.

6. More than 200 Slang Terms Exist for Cannabis

Interestingly, there are over 200 street names or slang variations of the word cannabis. Some of the most popular nicknames are marijuana, weed, and pot, but there are also ones that are unusual or lesser known.

One example is “dinkie dow”. This slang word for refers to the stickiness of the buds. As for low-grade weed, it is known as “caracas” in Latino culture.

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Also, a marijuana cigarette can be called a “gasper stick”; the word “gasper” is British slang for a cigarette. Another name that has “stick” in it is “joy stick”.

There are also many slang terms for smoking cannabis. These phrases include “going loco”. “getting the wind”, “smoking trees”, “chasing”, and “mowing the grass”.

7 Surprising Facts About Marijuana

More than 200 Slang Terms Exist for Cannabis

7. Marijuana Can Cure Cancer

A recent report from the U.S. National Cancer Institute explains that cannabis and cannabinoids are helpful in treating cancer symptoms and side effects of cancer therapies. For example, animal studies have illustrated that cannabinoids may play a role in regulating nausea, which is a common side effect of radiation.

As per the National Institute on Drug Abuse, researchers have also illustrated through animal studies that marijuana can kill cancer cells. Many academics support cannabis as an effective method for ceasing or reversing the progression of several types of cancers, in addition to treating its symptoms.

However, cannabis is not an FDA-approved cancer treatment yet because there is not enough evidence yet for it to be removed from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act, in the eyes of the U.S. government.

Summing Up the Marijuana Facts

Clearly, there is a lot to learn about weed. From its health benefits to the amount of revenue the crop produces around the globe, cannabis is unmistakably an awesome plant that provides many benefits. Although some people continue to oppose the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana in 2017, the leafy plant has many positive aspects, as proven by the surprising details listed above.

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