7-Eleven Denies They Have Any Partnership with CBD Company

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Convenience store chain 7-Eleven has rebuked the news that they will sell CBD products by the end of the year, calling Tuesday’s announcement false, Huffington Post reports. Denver, Colorado-based CBD company Phoenix Tears made the announcement in a press release earlier this week – and while it notes that the company’s agreement was made with MarketHub Retail Services, which according to the release works with 7-Eleven franchises, 7-Eleven Director of Communications Stephanie Shaw said she had no knowledge of the deal.

“We have made no agreement or partnership with this company and do not know why they said that.” — Shaw to Huffington Post

The Phoenix Tears press release stated that the partnership would see CBD products in 7-Eleven stores in Nevada, Colorado, Massachusetts, Illinois, Maryland, Florida, California and Washington, D.C. by year’s end. 

Suzanna Mattaboni, a spokeswoman for Phoenix Tears from the public relations firm Parallel Communications, Inc., told Huffington Post that the press release may have misstated some of the details and she was trying “to get to the bottom” of the issue. The release includes a statement from the president of MarketHub Retail Services and founder of Phoenix Tears but does not include a statement from any 7-Eleven officials.


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