63% of Young Republicans Support Marijuana Law Reform

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A new study out of the Pew Research Center indicates that a significant majority of young Republican voters support marijuana legalization.

Levels of support vary dramatically on the subject between GOP voters, and there is a clear correlation with the voter’s age on whether or not they approve of legal cannabis: “Six-in-ten (63%) GOP Millennials say the use of marijuana should be made legal, while 35% say it should be illegal…. That level of support is higher than among Republican Generation Xers (47%) and Baby Boomers (38%), and much higher than among GOP members of the Silent generation (17%),” the report reads.

For Democrats as well, legalization is much more popular among Millennials — though Democrats of all age groups tend to support legalization more than their Republican counterparts.

The report also suggests that, though a majority of Americans support legalization, they are not necessarily unconcerned by cannabis and the effects of its legalization. Rather, there is simply a growing consensus that cannabis — having been labeled the safest recreational drug by many facets of the scientific community, and even deemed safer than alcohol by President Obama — shouldn’t result in a criminal prosecution or jail time.



Photo Credit: Cory M. Grenier


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