5 Reasons The DEA’s CBD Ruling Is Complete BS 1

5 Reasons The DEA’s CBD Ruling Is Complete BS

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We’ve all read the stories about CBD oil and the miraculous health benefits it has. However, now President-elect Donald Trump and his newly appointed DEA Acting Administrator, Chuck Rosenberg, have listed CBD as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning it has zero medicinal properties and is classified amongst dangerous drugs like heroin and LSD. This absurd ruling is clearly an attempt to protect pharmaceutical companies, but that’s not the only reason this new law is complete and utter BS.


1. CBD has no psychoactive properties

5 Reasons The DEA’s CBD Ruling Is Complete BS
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The two main active components in cannabis are CBD and THC. THC is the chemical that gives users the euphoric high, sought out by most recreational users.

While this high can also bring pain relief and help combat some conditions, such as insomnia, medical patients generally prefer CBD oils or compounds, which give them the much-needed relief, but no psychedelic side effects.

2. CBD is strictly medicine, without any harsh side effects

5 Reasons The DEA’s CBD Ruling Is Complete BS
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By listing CBD as a Schedule 1 drug, the DEA is effectively saying CBD has no medical value when CBD is used strictly for medical purposes.

CBD is not addictive and does not produce harsh side effects, like vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea or death, commonly associated with many other prescription drugs used to treat the same types of medical conditions.

3. The government knows CBD is a powerful medicine

5 Reasons The DEA’s CBD Ruling Is Complete BS
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With the DEA saying that CBD has no medical properties, it seems strange to learn that the National Institute of Health supported 281 projects researching the medicinal properties of cannabis and CBD.

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In 2015 alone, the NIH spent more than $111 million researching cannabis as medicine, with $49 million used just on cannabinoids and $9 million used exclusively for proving CBD’s medical necessity. These findings are in direct conflict with the DEA’s new Schedule 1 listing of CBD.

4. The DEA overstepped their authority by classifying CBD

5 Reasons The DEA’s CBD Ruling Is Complete BS
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According to a Denver-based cannabis attorney, Robert Hoban, the DEA doesn’t actually have the authority to decide the scheduling of drugs and the new ruling will probably end up going to court for a final decision.

This action is beyond the DEA’s authority. The DEA can only carry out the law, they cannot create it.

Here they’re purporting to create an entirely new category called ‘marijuana extracts,’ and by doing so wrest control over all cannabinoids. They want to call all cannabinoids illegal. But they don’t have the authority to do that.

5. The DEA are hurting sick people

5 Reasons The DEA’s CBD Ruling Is Complete BS
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When it comes down to the bottom line, the DEA’s new ruling is only going to hurt sick people, many of whom are children. CBD is not used for social purposes, it’s not passed around a party or abused by individuals. It is strictly used as medicine to help relieve the pains felt by many patients who are in dire need.

CBD has been proven to be one of the most effective treatments for seizures in epileptic children. Not only does it decrease the frequency of seizures, but CBD has the power to make children seizure free.

For the DEA to take this life-saving component away from patients is condemning them to a greatly shortened lifetime of suffering and pain.

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There’s a petition online to get this new ruling repealed. You can sign it here.

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