15 Best Weed Stories: “What Was Your First Time Getting High Like?”

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This past week, we kicked off our Question of the Week series that will feature all of our fans who give us the best 140-character responses to the week’s question and answer it by tagging us on Twitter @HERBworthy.

This week’s question was along the lines of: “What Was Your First Time Getting High Like?” or “What Was Your First Time Smoking Marijuana Like?” For those who responded to us on Twitter @HERBworthy, thank you for sharing all of your stories as each and every one of them were extremely entertaining. As tough as it was to narrow down, we bring to you our favorite 15 “first time getting high” stories. Enjoy!

Be sure to respond to next week’s question for your chance to be featured on the next blog post! Also, be sure to be following us on Twitter @HERBworthy!



@HERBworthy The first time I smoked marijuana I thought I was a penguin and laughed at a lamp for 30min

— C’est Coco (@cest_coco) September 30, 2015

@Herbworthy My first time was after my 25 year retirement ceremony from the Air Force with my daughter. I felt FREE! — Carlotta Holley (@Autumnzmom) September 28, 2015

@herbworthy I felt like I was in the matrix every time I moved my arms & hands lol — Stoned Ranger (@kushngreenjuice) September 28, 2015

@HERBworthy first time was actually with edibles, 2 cookies! Boy! I think i was high for the next 18 hours, aaahh, fantastic! Good times !

— Torito de mar (@ToritoDeMar) October 4, 2015

America’s longest serving pot prisoner now teaches senior citizens about weed


Thanks again for all of those who participated, and we can’t wait to roll out the Question of the Week for this coming week!

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