10 Ways To Get High On Weed: How Many Have You Tried? 1

10 Ways To Get High On Weed: How Many Have You Tried?

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There are plenty of ways to consume cannabis, probably more than you may think. From pipes to joints, anyone can find a consumption method that they enjoy. Some are simple, and some are a bit more extreme. Nevertheless, there are plenty of options for when you want to change things up or try something new. In this video by CustomGrow420, Joel and Harry will show you ten different ways to get high on weed.

Ten ways to get high on weed

Are you looking for a new way to get high? Or, just want to see what possibilities are out there? If so, CustomGrow420 is here to show you some options with the help of Harry! Here are ten ways to get high on weed.

1. Pipe

The originator. Probably a method you used in High School. The pipe involves packing cannabis into the bowl, lighting it, and getting high. Also, some pipes contain a carb, aka a little hole on the side in which you cover with your finger and release after taking a hit.

2. Joint

Cannabis rolled in papers. A more natural and common way to get high.

3. Bubbler

Similar to a bong, only smaller and without the removable bowl. In like manner of a pipe, you pack the weed and light it, except there’s water involved.

4. The Gandalf

Like a standard pipe except you feel like Gandalf from Lord Of The Rings while smoking it. Not to mention, it’s a lot longer than your typical pipe.

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5. Bong

A filtration device typically made of glass, plastic, or really anything that you can add water to that you use to smoke cannabis.

6. Blunt

Pot rolled in tobacco paper. One of the more popular ways to get high.

7. Megatoke

A lightweight device that enables the user to smoke on the go discreetly.

8. Vaporizer

A device used to heat up marijuana buds until they reach vapor form.

9. Gravity bong

A home made bong that uses the force of gravity to pull weed smoke into the chamber, usually using water as the means for drawing the smoke down into the chamber.

10. Knife hit

The process of smoking cannabis by heating up the tips of butter knives until they’re extremely hot. Then, taking pieces of bud and pressing them between the tips of the flaming hot knives and sucking the created smoke through a funnel.

10 Ways To Get High On Weed: How Many Have You Tried?

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