10 Greatest Names For Your Bongs/Pipes

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Question of the Week

Another Twitter Question of the Week is in the books from our Twitter @HERBworthy.

If you are unaware, each week we take a look at the best 140-character responses to the week’s question for those who tag us on Twitter @HERBworthy and answer the question. We then choose the very best responses to include in our blog post for the following week.

This Week’s Question

This week’s question was: “What is the greatest name (or names) you have heard for a pipe/bong?” For those who responded to us on Twitter, thank you for sharing all of these awesome names! They were extremely entertaining and clever.

Be sure to respond to next week’s question for your chance to be featured on the next blog post! Also, be sure to be following us on Twitter @HERBworthy!

Here are some of the greatest names for pipes/bongs that we’ve ever heard!

@HERBworthy. Percules.

— Herbs Mind. (@Herb_Head) December 14, 2015

@HERBworthy Stella so if it broke he can scream like Marlon Brando in “a streetcar named desire”

— Toy (@Stoner_Toy) December 12, 2015

@HERBworthy best bong/pipe/vape names: Kief Richards, Eric Bongholz, Arnold Vapanegger, and Bong Crosby

— MJT Seraphim (@monkesthemighty) December 11, 2015

@HERBworthy #bongnames Agent Blue Bong “BB” La india(the indian) Jesus Beaker(looks like a science beaker) and pepi the skunk

— Lizz Rojass (@iLuvMyxB) December 12, 2015

@HERBworthy the continuum transfunctioner

— scott (@Bennett420Scott) December 12, 2015

@HERBworthy The best names I’ve heard is Franklin the turtle and D.B.S (Death by Suicide)

— Annie Wagner (@AnnieWagner89) December 11, 2015

Out of all of these, which names are your favorite?

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